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marijuana quickly becoming a high interest issue in this election. we couldn't resist. good afternoon, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie live in washington. we'll gin with the president up close and personal with the kitchen table issues facing americans d visiting a family today at home in fairfax, virginia. this comes a day after house republican leader john boehner signaled he may be willing to compromise and vote for the president's middle class tax cut if that's the best deal he can get. today, treasury secretary tim geithner said it's full speed ahead for the administration. >> we very much welcome recent indications republicans may not hold middle class tax cuts hostage to have us borrow $700 llion from our children to make permanent tax cuts to the 2% of earners in the country. if these republicans mean what theyas say, there's no reason t
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delay moving forward on these -f on tax relief for the middle class. >> with me w nbc's chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd and also my co-host on "the daily rundow" nice to see you again. >> howdy. >> hello. feels like thefo white house is ready for a rumble with john boehner. we even expect the president to bring this up again this afternoon talking with the fairfax family about the economy. >> that's right. look. they think they have developed a foil in john boehner. right? the premise of ten days when the president went to cleveland, ohio, last week to go to the same city that john boehner went to a couple weeks before and trying to put a face on the republicans but wh's odd here, savannah, about the back and forth between the white house and john boehner about tax cuts ignores the political reality which is this proposal, this compromise, that supposedly
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happening or could happen and it's -- i think there's a lot of ifs in that one, caveats, there's no chance it passes the senate. you have a group of six to eight senate democrats who wouldn't support middle class only or saying extend them all, particularly a few up in 2012 and are alread ly starting to lk at that election and start worrying about the issue becoming hit with being somebody who's in favor of tax hikes. >> yeah. it seems like on the substance you make the point it maye make whatever he says obsolete. >> right. >> and seems to be about the white house feeling like they have a winner here by focusing it on boehner. listen to what robert gibbs white house spokesman said today this morning. let's listen. >> if congressman boehner wants to do that, i think that would certainly be a good thing and a bipartisan thing. we'll see whether what we get is what congressman boehner said. what his spokesman said and a
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whole host of things. >> i guess the white house feels like they're winning no matter what ultimately happens if they could sever the issues and force republicans to vote on just the wealthiest americans' tax cuts would be a winner for them. >> right. >> if they backtrack, they have an issue. >> to borrow a cliche i probably overuse, it's three dimensional chess here, right? they want to decouple the middle class tax rate and extending that and the issue of the wealthy. it's all in one and it's easy for folks to get confused about which tax rate folks are talking about. you're absolutely right. they want to isolate the in one form or another. isolate it now so you make middle class permanent and maybe the compromise is a one or two-year extension on the wealthiest and that way when that comes up, then the whole debate is centered on that. it is about this tax, extending
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the tax rate for folks making over $250,000. right now because it's blurred they're not having a xleen debate and ultimately if the white house can get that, then they feel like they have a win even meaning the president signing a temporary extension. >> chuck todd on duty down there at t white house awaiting the president's remarks from a home in fairfax, virginia, thanks. >> all right. >> sereminder, of course; jin chuck and me every day on "the daily rundown." as you saw, the white house working overtime to make john boehner the face of the republican party and with boehner poised to become speaker if republicans can retake the use, nbc's luke russert explored some of his background traveling to ohio to looke int the congressman's roots. luke is live in nework for us. what did you find out? >> folks on the left tried to define boehner as a country club
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republican and "the new york times" talked about ties to the lobbyist. he grew up as one of 12 kids in redding, pennsylvania. >> hidden from the people? hell no, you can't! >> reporter: john boehner has risen to heights on capitol hill. that trip began on another hill. >> if you blink, you miss the street. >> hill street in redding, ohio. at the top, a house shared with 11 brothers and sisters. you had 12 people in this house or 14? right? 12 kids. >> 14. i see the -- when we were younger, that addition on the end wasn't there. mom and dad slept on a pulout couch and john, ste and i in one bedroom. >> reporter: maneuvering the large catholic family is where the leadership skills come from today. >> started right there. you know? he might have wanted something done a certain way but it wasn't possible because there's too
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many people. so you hadto figure out the best way to do something and move on with it. >> reporter: of course, his little sister might say he was bossy. >> make sure you do your homework and sit up straight. >> reporter: linda works the bar the boehner family used to own and john mopped floors. it was andy's cafe after his grandfath grandfather. did you get angry with him being harsh on you? >> yeah. he wasn't mom or dad. you know? it is like, who are you? >> reporter: a teenager that rode motcycles and played football even when he was in pain. >> if he could stand the pain, he could play. it wasn't going to hurt him. john said, coach, he says, i'll take the team. we need to do it to win. >> reporter: from his mother came independence. >> stand up and speak your mind. yeah, my mother was good at that. he just, you know -- she spoke what she thought from the heart. >> reporter: from his father, his charm and possibly his heart. >> my dad made a connection to people talking to them. i think john does the same
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thing, connect to people and why he's been successful. >> reporter: at the beginning of an unlikely climb which may lead to him leading 450 peoe in a different house on the hill. savannah, another interesting thing i picked up, mr. boen's brother told me it took seven years to get the degree from xavier university going tonight school and spending the daytime working odd jobs, bartender to restauranteur and cab driver. interesting upbringing. not one we hear aboutvery much. interesting to see if republicans try to promote this side of john boehner at all close to the november midterms. savannah? >> luke russert in theoc newsro at 30 rock, thanks so much. >> be well. should republicans star measuring the drapes or can democrats hang on to power? congressman elijah cummings is a member of the joint economic committee. nice to have you with us today. >> good to be with you. >> all about boehner. we saw a profile about his
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childhood. the white house can't stop fa k talking about him. do you think this is a good white house strategy to elevate boehner and make him the face of the republican party? >> i think it is an important strategy. the white house had to put a name with the strategy. in other words, the democrats have stood for middle class families and as you could see, boehner came from humble beginnings. question is, based upon what russert just talked about and in "the new york times" article today, the question is whether he's forgotten some of those roots. there are a lot of people struggling. just like his family struggled and struggling today. but basically what up until yesterday he was holding these middle class tax cuts hostage. i say that sadly. because there's so many people suffering and i think now it sounds like he's coming around but as you can see, his top lieutenant mr. cantor saying no, no, no. others are saying no, no, no.
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we have to -- i think the president is doing the right thing. the president had to stand up. i told the president, you have got to ride the horse to what you -- what i mean by that is he's got to make sure that the people understand that he feels their pain. i think that is good visiting with the fairfax family today. >> do you think he's had trouble connecting on that level? >> i think people have gotten a bis confused. i think basically what they president, the fellow we saw running for president, the one talking about hope and the one who talked about high principles and all that we could be and we could do better, they need to hear more of that and forcefully and part of why mr. boehner has backtr k backtracked a bit. >> republicans obviously have division. we have been talking about where cantor stands and versus boehner stands potentially on the tax cuts. democrats ha division, too. >> no doubt about it. >> some democrats think we ought to freeze the tax rates in place also for the wealthiest of
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ericans. where do you come down on this issue? >> i respectfully disagree with those democrats and i believe that we need to extend the tax cuts for the middle class and end them for the upper class. i think that democrats have got to remember th we have been the party of the middle class. we are the onesho have fought so hard and accomplished a lot in this session, even with the forces of the no republican tea partiers saying that they weren't going to help us do what we have done andit's all been about the middle class and i think what t president has to do is help us even more now by going out there saying we're on the road to recovery as he did the other day and saying we are not moving as fast as we like but at least we're moving towards recovery. >> even if you take the position as certainly the president has for years that we should be rolling back the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, we can't afford them, is there anything about this current economic situation that gives you pause? so in other words, there are a lot of people that felt the same way you do for a long time but
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given the vagaries of the recession and how fragile this recovery is are saying, you know what? maybe we should temporarily freeze them in place. >> i want to end the 2% to 3% tax cuts for the richest immediately because i know that that's going to cost us $700 billion plus over the next 10 years. and we can't afford it. we hear our friends on the republican side saying let's ic reduce the deficit. but yet and still the tax cuts are not paid for and by the way, the rich folks aren't asking for tax cuts. >> the tax cuts of the middle cl ass aren't paid for either. >> the fact is there's one big factor there, savannah. that is is that we know that 97% of the getting the tax cuts desperately need that money and spend the money. and then that leads to other jobs opening up and employment growing and hopefully the economy coming around. >> taking a look at what happens in the n this campaign. it's fascinating that more
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democrats aren't running on health care. something the white house essentially promised democrats, hey, take this tough vote. you will be happy you d. you can run on it. run on the patient reforms. very few democrat ys, i know y are an exception. >> big exception. >> few democrats are running on it. are democrats running scared? >> i'm not sure. i think they look at the individual districts and i think sotimes the republicans in the tea party outmessaged us. we did i think something that was great, life saving, very important. and life altering for so many people and yet and still they ha made it sound like something bad. i think democrats have got to stand up and be democrats, period. >> i want to mention that we lost dr. ron walters. you wrote a lovely statement about him. your former professor. >> howard university. >> what would you want people to remember? >> a superstar with regard to teaching people to achieve anything. i think he predicted to have an
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african-american president many, many years ago. advised jesse jackson and so many wothers. he was a giant and brilliant man. >> congressman cummings, nderful to have you here. hope to see you soon. >> thank you. all right. coming up, an american woman jailed in iran for more than a year on the verge of being released but is the bail too steep? plus, the latest on that triple threat of storms swirling in the atlantic. later on, california's ballot measure to legalize marijuana. could it be the solution to the state's budget crisis? we're going to peer through the haze and examine both sides of that argument. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. my name is vonetta, and i suffer from allergies.
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american hiker who it seemed on the vergeof being released
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by the iranian prison on friday is still in prison today. her case complicated with a dispute overthe bail. nbc's stephanie gosk is workin the phones from london today. stephanie, what's the holup here? seems like we're getting mixed messages? >> there are a couple of things going on here complicated this. first of all, you had the foreign ministry coming out friday saying they'll release here and then the judiciary in iran upset that president ahmadinejad usurping iranian law offering that release and saw them come forward with the $500,000 bail. now, there seems to be some problem in the receiving of that bail. there's a report right nw in the associated press that the family's having a tough time tually getting that money. the other problem is that it's a distributional, logistics problem. they're working with the swiss embassy beuse, of course, the u.s. doesn't have diplomatic ties with iran. it could be pa of the
1:18 pm
complication, as well. it is unclear and now three days out from the original announcement of r release and has to be incredibly nerve wracking for friends and family. savannah? >> she was detained with two other people. when's thestory on those young men? >> well, their trial goes forward as does hers. if she meets this bail requirement and is released, she then can leave thecountry and she -- her case goes to trial and she'll be tried in absentia and they face those espionage charges from 2009 hiking along the border with iran and iraq. so the other two are certainly not in the clear at all and there's no talk so far of their release. savannah? >> wow. all right. stephanie gosk in london for us, thank you. >> you're welcome. coming rdup, on the record, the imam at the center of the mosque and community center planned for near ground zero is speaking out f. he had to do it
1:19 pm
all over again, would he build in the same spot? this sunday on "meet the press" an exclusive interview with former secretary of state our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we' paid ov $400 miion in claims and set up a $20 billion indepeently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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the events of the past few weeks have really saddened me to my very core. i regret that some of -- that some have misunderstood our intentions. i'm deeply distressed that in this heated political season some have exploited this issue for their ownag agendas. >> the imam at the center of the controversy over plans to build a mosque and community center near ground zero has been all over the air waves this weekend. he says all options are on the table now as new polls show a majority of americans feel that cultural center should be built elsewhere. glen thrush joins us now. glenn, i know that you wre
1:23 pm
about this today and i sawhat the imam said on c. it sounds like he regrets planning this communityent cent for ground zero but doesn't intend to move it. is that right? >> yeah. he's caught between a rock an a hard place here. on one hand he's concerned of the families of 9/11 and makes a very good point on the other hand. he really is concerned with the reaction in the muslim world would be if he decided to move it. we have seen two deaths at least in afghanistan in the rioting over the koran burning and taking that part of this seriously, as well. >> so his argument is essentially if i move it now we have done more damage because people across the muslim world will look at this as exhibit "a" of the u.s. wants to declare war on islam? >> exactly. i think there is a sense, we have been focused on the domestic politics looking at the polls. even a majority of new yorks
1:24 pm
given the option would move it. but there's ane entirely separae dimension here in terms of foreign policy ande have sort of seen that in with this extraordinaryntervention of whithous and secretary of defense gates did in florida d this is an international issue now that's moved beyond the borders of the country. >> you mentioned a poll. i want to show rumts of quinnipi quinnipiac. would you say you have a favorable ovr unfavorableiew of islam? 38% favor. and then you can see how it brks down by party and then specific to the mosque and islamic t center two blocks fro ground zero and fascinating because 63% think it's wrong to do so. republicans and democrats, i mean, certainly more republicans felt so than democrats but you almost have a majority of demonstrates saying it shouldn't be built there, separating the
1:25 pm
issue of the right that the build there, it sounds like a lot of americans just think it shouldn't happen. >> yeah. and i think that is the, yo know, that is obviously why this is become a political hot potata in an election year. you have democrats across the country, i wouldn't say nearly unanimously but a vast majority against the mosque being built there and the imam said those of us from lower manhattan, that's a block on which you have strip clubs, you have an otb bedding place, not too far up the block and there is -- he pushed back against the sense that this stretch of park place north of here was actually hallowed ground. >> well, it's an interesting o argument. i'm sure those on the other side say, well, it was those purporting to be representing islam who flew the planes into the world trade center and nevertheless iis a hot button issue. glenn thrush, appreciated your ticle today.
1:26 pm
thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> on the road again. "time" magazine's joe klein hits the road to connect with the electorate. is it so divided? we'll find out somewhere in the midwest. the dems on the ropes as another poll shows trouble for the president and his party. is there any hope of gaining ground before november? national journal's ron bro brownstein to be here to break down the polls. msnbc on sirius xm satellite room. maybe you're listening right now. don't forget pme time with keith, rachel and llchris. it is all on sirius 'lxm channe 120. we'll be right back. h only rogaine is proveno] to regrow hair in 85% of guys puhh pu puhh putt and that's it. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining. [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down?
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nezuela's emergency management director says rescue workers are on the scene tending to injured. latest report say at least 23 people did survive. secretary of state hill shil heading to egypt to resume peace negotiations between israel and the palestinian authority. secretary clinton will then travel wjeith george mitchell t jerusalem to continue the talks. san bruno, california, residents whose homes reduced to ashes by a massiv gas pipine exosion last week will meet with officials taking a closer look at the cause of that blast. ntsb investigators will hold a briefing this evening to discuss its latest findings. at least four people were killed in that explosion. l a second wildfire's causing more evacuations today. the test fires burned more than 600 acres and destroyed at least 1 home. igor is pushing westward bringing big surf to the
1:31 pm
atlantic coast and should not cause any serious damage to the eastern seaboard. well, it's primary time and the economy's clearly on the minds of voters as the white house refocuses on recory. voters are showing increasingly mess mystic that the economy will improve this year. new poll of all sts date and heartland shows optimism of a recovery down 15 points since april, 40% now that the economy will get worse in the next 12 months. ron brownstein is potical. director of atlantic edia. more of your po numbers, ron. it's farscinating. you asked what are the leading economic incators that regular voters use to judge the economy. put up the list. not surprisingly, 43% said e unemployment rate. 25%, of course, monthly income. you look at th bottom of the list and where you see the stock market and corporate profits. two thing doing relatively well. that tells the whole story.
1:32 pm
>> what this tel you is people won't feel the economy reverying until ey see progress and improvement on unemployment and a second result tell i don't say that is so. ly% of americans said that either someone in thei family or a close friend has been laid off at some point since the recession began and sentiment as powerful of people at the middle and la and whites as among nonwhite essentially saying that the blast radius of the recession much greater than we have seen before a and few parts of ameri feel untouched byo it. >> when you asked about priorities to improve the economy,t's fascining to see the top thing people said, strengthen infrastructure, education d social security. reducing the deficit right under it. this is fascinating because, you know, there's a sense when people were supportive initially of the stimulus act, i think they thought they were getting -- >> hard hats on highway's i a
1:33 pm
wpa roosevelt-like infrastructure program and didn't get that. >> i think the real qtory of that question is that the dispersal of the answer and the division of the answer of conservative solutions and liberal slugss. we asked a follow-up question of what should government be doing now as you have simultaneously this jobs deficit and people wanted activities to stimulate the economy rather than a primary focus on deficit reduction and divided very closely with ara slight plurali of conservative approaches of cutting taxes and then out a third saying the more liberal approaches of investment and infrastructure and education and so forth. on many of the questions of the role of government you see powerful divides along very familiar fissures of race and ideology. >> it seems clear, voters concerned about spending. however, as you in your poll, you find if it's spending to spur job growth, voters are
1:34 pm
ready to go with it. isn't there dissatisfaction they don't think washington is spending money on thing that is are actually working? >> working. right. you look at the poll through this, you see two distinct strains of disenchantment creating a threat for obama and the democrats in november. first, you have a portion of the country ideologically recoiling from what they doing and looking at the questions consistently about 40% of the electorate is deeply estranged from the direction and the other problem th have is a group of the electorate into the co coalition that includes hispanics, college-educated women, not ideologically alienated from this or disposed to the republican alternatives but feel it's not working, they have an ideological problem and results problem and converge for november. the big question for obama for november, can he win back we vents moving back in his direction and disappointed and
1:35 pm
not fully estranged from him. >> we have to go but goldman sachs and government equally trusted by faith collapsed in every major institution. that's the biggest miscall collusion of obama. both have been in the cellar after the 2008 meltdown. >> voters just disgusted all around. right? ron . brownstein, thank you. >> lucky we didn't ask the media. >> i don't think the media fares much better. taking the pulse of the " nation, "time" political columnist joel kline from pennsylvania to california. he's been on the road since labor day talking with voters and politicians in an election year with a political environment is worse than it's been in years and joe joins us from the road in madison, wisconsin. i think day eight, joe. great to have you here. love -- >> it is. >> i love the whole thesis of your trip here and i'm just going to read so people know.
1:36 pm
quote, i'm not going to do what journalists myself intecludedd often do. troll for quotes that reflect the polls. i'm just going to report what i see and let the chips fall. what have you found so far? >> well, her lailarious where rs saying they fall. there's tremendous anxiety out there. yesterday, i met wi a group of readers of swampland, our blog out, they were cops, firefighters, emergency workers and so on. irt in the exurbs of michigan. seven of them, their houses underwater. their mortgages were worth more than the value of their houses. these are people in tremendously concerned. they're very concerned about bailouts. they're really angry at the
1:37 pm
obama administration for giving bailouts to people who are facing foreclosure. they're equally angry at the friends, former friends in many cases, who have just walked away from their mortgages. these are people who are really trying hard to do the right thing and they see the government supporting people t o are not doing the right thing. who are irresponsible in their house purchases and so on. >> speaking of bailouts, we know they're unpopular. i know you met with quite a xush rant member of the united autoworkers very thankful that the president saved the auto industry. maybe the issue of bailouts comes down to whether you we, you know, on the receiving end of one. >> well, yeah. you know, it turns out in both oh -- i was in ohio. they just opened a new shuf vi line, 4,500 new jobs. it is a vehicle that gets 40 milings per gallon and not a hybrid and very excited about that there but then again
1:38 pm
yesterday with the group of first responders, one guy said we're only buying fords in michigan now. >> what surprised you the most? we all have certainly succombed to the beltway wisdom, conventional wisdom. being out there and talking to folks every day for eight days now, is there anything that surprised you? >> well, first of all, you don't feel the giant republican wave which may exist but, you know, as i go from race to race, you know, it depends on the strength of the candidates. you know, i was with a democrat out in western pennsylvania, cathy dowcamper that came up with the provision of the health care plan that everybody loves which is that kids up to the age of 26 can stay on their parent's health care plan. that's helping me with my 24-year-old daughter and so, yru know, there are strong candidates out there who are democrats, strong candidates who are republica. but the crucial thing is that they don't trust anybody right
1:39 pm
now. they certainly don't trust the government and they are very, very fearful about the future of the country. they don't know how this economy comes back because so many people they know have been affected. >> all right. well, we have to leave it there. first i think we have a picture of your wheels, joe. a ford flex suv and you call it fridge. there it is. >> yeah. looks like a big refrigerator. there's the fridge. >> and i hear y got your ipod all loaded up. >> riding fine so far although it's a gas guzzler. >> don't say that. at least it's american made and wouldn't be welcomed showing up in something else. >> yeah. no. that's what tammy jackson, the uaw worker said you don't get to my door if you pull into my driveway with a foreign car. >> well, goodthinking ahead there. joe klein, a fascinating red. great idea. appreciate your time.
1:40 pm
>> my pleasure, savannah. all right. just ahead, it is not just a pipe dream anymore. california voters could vote to legalize marijuana this november. we'll get into that issue. and a weather delay at the u.s. open? where's the love? but have no fear. it is now game on, nadal and tokovic playing the final round of tournament today after being sidelined on sunday. if nadal wins today, he will be the seventh man in history to complete a complete career grand slam. i'm sorry about roger losing. she felt lost...
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legalization of marijuana is a public health disaster. there's no doubt about that. >> it is a mainstream recreational drug at thipoint. whether we like it or not. second only to alcohol and cigarettes. it needs to be treated within
1:44 pm
that context. >> well, it's one of theot smokg hot ballot issues this fall. california's prop 19 which could make the state the firsto legalize it for recreational use. they want the white house to sue if that measure were to pass but supporters of the tax cannabis act compare it to prohibition and it could cut $1.4 billion from the state's $19 billion deficit. nbc news's justice correspondent pete williams is here to hash this all out. actually -- i didn't even mean to make a joke and there i did. i guess i can. i'm doing these all day. the jokes. that's all i've been doing all day. let's move on. so let's set up the proponents of this measure. they say basically among other things, this is a tremendous source of tax reven. and we have terrible budget problems so why not? >> nonpartisan rand corporation estimates it could raise
1:45 pm
depending on the price and how many people actually buy it 1.5 billion for california. they say, look, 400,000 people are already using it legally. who knows how many more illegal? why not capture the sales and make it something that local communities can tax? it would be up to each city and county to decide whether to regulate it and x it in their areas and free up police to do more serious things. among the advocates is the nation of mexico or at least some of their former top officials say the mexican cartel derive roughly 60% of their revenue from the sale of marijuana. if california and other states in the u.s. were to legalize and regulate the sale, a it would be tremendous hit on the cartels and could reduce their profits and they also hope that ultimately mexico will follow course and do what california is trying to do here. >> there's a flip side moral issue of public health. not only that, i mean, the
1:46 pm
federal govement bans the use of marijuana. could lead to some real confusion between state law and federal laws. >> would tax revenue from something under federal law still raise that tax revenue in the state? all of the former dea administrators today urged the justice department to do what they have done with arizona over the immigration law which is to say the federal law is preem and want the government to do the sa thing with california there. this thing hasn't passed yet but they want people to send a message to california ty might sue. and the other arguments against it are all of the former drug czars including the current one under the obama administration say, yes, it might raise $1.5 billion butthey say whatever money you raise throughon taxatn would beoff set by higher criminalustice costs, ptublic health costs saying we tax alcohol and tobacco but the
1:47 pm
amount of money dwarfed but what they spend on health care cos of the problems those things cost. >> conflicts of law of the federal government and state and legal dorks like ourselves get into, hasn't the supreme courth weighed in? >> yes. there's already a supreme court case that basically says the ev federal government has every right still to make marijuana illegal under federal law so basically the feds are just kind of ignoring the california law for now or ignoring the use of it. nobody really criminalizeson -- this is one thing that wouldn't change. prop 19 would allow the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use. that's basically status quo now anyway. nobody's going around -- the feds don't bust down doors -- >> the state's not tacking it. >> that's right. >> nbc's pete williams, thanks so much. >> you bet. what political story will be making head loons in the next 24 hours? that's next. but first, lady gaga stole
1:48 pm
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developing now, this picture just into msnbc. president obama sit down from e earlier today. the president met with members of his national security team to discuss afghanistan andin pakistan, and any minute now the president will discuss the economy outside a private home in virginia. that's a live picture. the president is expected to mention congressman boehner's comments on the middle class tax cuts at this event. we'll bring it to you live when
1:52 pm
it happens. which political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? chris cillizza and author of the fix blog jins me now. let me guess, igchris. tomorrow is a big primary day. i dare say we talk about it. >> just by osmosis you know all this because you sit so close tn chuck for an hour every morning, but, yes, hugeprimary day. the last one is hawaii on saturday. i never forget hawaii. but there are a lot of races going on. the one that has a lot of attention is delaware. mike castle. he's been a congressman since 1992. he's been in office for delaware for 40 years. it looked like he would win the republican primary. low and behold, christine o'donnell, the nominee in 2006 and 2008. she's running again in 2010. guess who is supporting her? none other than sarah palin and jim demitt, the south carolina
1:53 pm
senator. i'm haunted by the alaska senate primary last month. small electorate. low population state. joe miller upsets lisa murkowski. that has put everybody on guard to say is this happening again in delaware? it's hard to know. not ha lot of polling out there. but clearly a much more vigorous race than mike castle or establishment republicans woul have wanted. >> and i've heard some analysts say if christine o'donnell were to be the primary victor, it makes delaware much more competitive for the democrats than it would be with mike castle as the nomine there, perhaps, goes any hope of taking the senate for republicans. >> i would say you never know what's going to happen. but, christine o'donnell is clearly the weaker candidate. there's no debate on that. there's polling that does prove that mike castle is a known commodity in the elstate. it would hp him in a general election. hurt him in the prary. this is a big problem.
1:54 pm
if christine o'donn wins you can make the party about the tea party. it hurt them in a battle with a wiby sharron angle. this would be no question about it bad loss. it could go from a seat that republicans were counting onto one where democrats would have to be favorite if you believe the polling. so it's a very important race, not just for delaware, but nationally as well. >> have you seen establishment republicans up to anything behind the scenes to try to stop her? >> well, you know what they're doing, savannah, they basically ignoredol it. they told her maybe you should go negative. she didn't choose to follow the castle has been on television negative against christine o'donnell. negative on radio. the delaware republican party, the national republican senatorial committee. they all say she's not fit to be nominee. which will make it incredibly awkwarif she winds up winning. do we play here at all or walk
1:55 pm
away from it? it's not a conversation they want you and i to be having one day before the primary where they basically counted on their side of the ledger. >> for big political dorks like you guys, this election is like christmas. >> thank you b for that back handed compliment. >> i met it fm the bottom of my heart. chris cillizza, thank you so much. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." you can follow the show line. also on twitter. she tweets all the time. see you back here all the time on "the daily rundown." tamron hall is here with what's coming up next hour. tamron? >> in our next hour mitch mcconnell is vowing every senate republican will oppose the president's tax plan. john boehner says he's willing to compromise. we'll tell you what both sides are saying.
1:56 pm
live reaction outside the white house. richard wolffe would join us. plus the nfl launches an investigation into reports of harassment against a female tv reporter. the tv reporter has given a new interview, what she is saying now. plus, take a look at this. not that. this. is this crossing the line? we're going to explain next? copd doesn't just make it hard to breathe... it makes it hard to do a lot of things. and'm a guy who likes to go exploring ... get my hands dirty... and try new things. so i asked my doctor if spiriva could help me breathe better.
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if they moved together like schools of fish, and had force fields? yeah, that would be cool. nissan -- innovation for today. innovation for tomorrow. innovation for all. ♪ i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc, tax divide. with the house republican leader say he may be willing to exclude the nation's wealthiest from tax cuts. wait until you hear what senate republican leaders have to say about that. and the right to toke. the battle lines are being drawn for a controversial vote to legalize the casual use of pot in california. both sides taking shots today and changing her story. the sexy sports reporter whose tweets led to accusations of harassment by nfl players appears to be taking a diff

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